Duct Cleaning



Meyer Duct Cleaning offers full service duct cleaning, effective furnace cleaning and thorough dryer vent cleaning. Our truck mounted power-vac system allows for removal of even the smallest particles of dust to be eliminated.


Our Duct Cleaning Process:

We start off by using a 10” in diameter hose which attaches our power vacuum truck to your furnace. We attach in two locations, both the cold air return and the supply plenum. This ensures that no dust gets pulled through your furnace.

Meyer Duct Cleaning’s state of the art power vac trucks produce 16,000 cfm (cubic feet per minute) of vacuum suction and 16.5 inches of static. This enables us to remove larger objects such as broken sheetrock and other post construction debris.

Next we use our compressed air sweep system, the Air Viper and Scorpion to vigorously brush and whip the inside of the entire ducting system from the vent all the way back to the furnace. This includes artery lines and main trunk lines. The air sweep system is comprised of an assortment of air whips and skipper balls designed specifically for your individual ducting. 

This is followed by misting an EPA registered deodorizer

Duct Before Cleaning... Duct After Cleaning!
Duct Before Duct After

Our Furnace Cleaning Process:

Our Dryer Vent Cleaning Process

Meyer Duct Cleaning uses compressed air and a tool called a "Spinning Reverse Ball". This device shoots air backwards to the dryer vent termination hood, located outside, at 250 psi while pushing itself through the dryer vent. All of the lint is blown outside. The technician collects the lint and disposes of it.